Dan  and Paula Knowlson of Elements for Life own their own chocolate factory based in the Wiltshire Countryside .
I interviewed Dan twice . Once with his wife Paula as the company celebrated five years in business and a second time months later when I interviewed Dan as part of the Wiltshire Business Club series.
We have been good friends for more than 10 years so when I suggested a monthly show based around Raw Chocolate . Dan pondered for a few days and consulted with friends showing them the recording of our second interview and decided that on balance it was a good idea.
So we set about planning the show , and decided from the outset that we should co hostscript the show and split into sections . This was not to be an interview but a co hosted show.
Show Format
Raw Chocolate Topic
Guest Interview
Recipe using Raw Chocolate
Questions and Answers
 Dan provides me with research materials to study before the show and created a trailer for the show and the recipe videos
Going Live
We connect on Facebook ten minutes before the show
During the show we encourage people to join in via text , ask questions and if they wish appear on camera.
We make the show informative and fun with a bonus for everyone watching live
Company Website https://www.elementsforlife.co.uk

Our shows are LIVE on the third Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM EST ( 2:00 PM EDT )


Rawchic TV

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