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Cendrine Marrouat and I connected over a year ago when Suzan St Maur introduced Cendrine on my Prospect Networking Facebook group
I interviewed Cendrine at Suzanne’s suggestion and we got along famously. We share a common sense approach to Social Media and enjoyed chatting about Twitter , Facebook and many other social networks. Cendrine gave sound advice for all of us .
As Cendrine said afterwards
‘On January 22, 2016, Steven Healey invited me to answer questions about my latest ebook, titled “The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win”. It was a wonderful experience! ‘
My thoughts after our first video chat
‘A thoroughly enjoyable chat with Cendrine as we discussed all things social media .Cendrine’s depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for social media shone through and we covered from a business perspective’
We decided to run a monthly business interview show which we both co host , styled as ‘Cendrine and Steven’ Interview’. Now we thoroughly enjoy working together
Interviewing people should have a sensible business like approach however introducing a sense of fun increases engagement and the value of the show
In this case Cendrine finds our guests from her network which she has built over the years. This has meant that Cendrine already has a rapport with them and provides me with research material which I study. We both prepare a  set of interview questions and share them using Slack.
We meet up on Facebook Messenger fifteen minutes before the show starts and start the show 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time to check sound and vision.
We take turns in introducing and closing the show and over the months have developed a rapport which means the show now runs smoothly.
We have truly enjoyed interviewing Ani Alexander, Kelly Hungerford, Marty Smith, Guillaume Decugis, Mike Wood and Katrina Moody . Thank you for spending time with us and sharing insights into your business worlds.

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