Business Interviews

How it all began

My first video chat site was Blab and I was on there for just over a year before it closed in August 2016 .
For the first month I just watched other people create shows , I wanted to see how the shows were created , how the hosts ran the shows,
At this stage my only thought was of watching shows for education and entertainment
Then I was watching a show hosted by Phil Aston who is based in Penzance
He had come to the end of his regular show and invited people watching to join him on camera.
To my surprise I clicked the button to go on air .For the next ten minutes we chatted away as if we were in the same room , the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly . I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt at home.
After that I joined in as a guest on several shows , my confidence growing each time.
Then I asked Jon Upton to join me as co host and techie on my first ever Blab show as host in September 2015
We decided to choose members of Empire.Kred who had a business to promote and began by interveiwing JoeJoe Keys about his music

A year later

I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing , chatting and broadcasting over the last twelve months. I have had a blast and I have discovered something I really love doing.
I have chatted with people from Empire,Kred , my inner circle of friends , new friends on Blab and Firetalk , businesses in Wiltshire , software house owners whose products interest me , people suggested by friends , In every case we have connected and promoted their business or cause and had great fun doing it.
Each interview is special , the people I have met have become friends and we have had fun whilst exploring countless topics and delivered useful information to engaged audiences. Our voices have literally reached out to thousands of people.
For many guests it was their first appearance on video , several have been back for repeat interviews on different topics , several regular shows have been created.
There is a buzz in doing LIVE video before , after and during the event . Every chat has had memorable moments when things just clicked.
My interview style has improved and I was delighted when one of my friends referred to me as ‘Parky’ (an English TV chat show host) .
I truly believe that viewers have all come to see my guest and so I structure each show to suit my guest. I invite them to tell their story and people open up and talk passionately about their topic.
The wonderful part of each chat is the interaction with the audience who come live on camera or ask text questions , this adds an extra dimension and make the shows even more enjoyable.
I thank each and every one of my guests and look forward to chatting some more in the coming months.
To our audience on Firetalk , Youtube and Facebook , I thank you for watching , listening and interacting.
I have gained by connecting and talking to people from around the globe , video chats are networking at it’s very best.


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