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Every Thursday at 10:00 AM BST Jon Upton and Steven Healey host Video shows on Blab. We have both hosted Blabs and are enthusiastic Blabbers and Firetalkers
Jon Upton and I have known each other for over 11 years and used to meet up for a pint and a chat when I was living in Stratford Upon Avon. We kept in contact when I moved to Wiltshire and using Blab we found a way to stay in touch.
Our Aim
To show you how you can use Blab and now Firetalk in your business and your networking activities.Our goal is to help you to host your own show and take part live in other peoples shows . We also want to share our enthusiasm for video chat platforms.
Blab is the video chat platform that Jon and I joined in the summer of 2015. We immediately enjoyed the sense of community and the production values of the site.
Blab is a public video conference with up to four participants live streaming . The system integrates with Twitter and it has its own comments system for viewers to interact and ask questions which the video panel can answer.
Blab requires only a video camera , a microphone and earphones. There is nothing to download for hosts or viewers . It works on Windows , Mac .there is an Iphone app and on Android it works in your browser
And while there are already group video chats services like Google Hangouts and Skype’s group video call feature, what makes Blab attractive is its focus on social networking and bringing the Twitter community closer together through video. It’s also (at least so far) a lot easier to use than the aforementioned services.
Each weekly ‘Blabbing for Britain’ show features an introduction to video chat and the latest features , news and opinions from the past week and a discussion of what is happening.
Our shows are unscripted, everyone brings topics for discussion and this is supplemented by the UK news services and trending topics on Twitter. One sections is dedicated to updates in the video chat world.
Our Move to Firetalk in July 2016
After 10 months on Blab Jon, me and the team have served our video chatting apprenticeships and have decided to move all our shows to Firetalk.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time on Blab and have met and chatted with hundreds of people, many of whom have become friends. The Blab team provided an excellent platform and we wish them well as they move forward with their Bebo mobile app.
Firetalk provides new opportunities including video which is excellent quality, great sound and best of all the platform is free . In addition to our FREE shows we can also use the system for paid events in the future.
Over the weeks we have made many new friends around the globe and met up on video with people we have known online for years but never spoken to directly.
We would like to thank the hundreds of people who have joined us over the weeks especially those who appear on camera .
A special mention to both Stephen Silk and Peter Stewart who have become good friends and discussed hundreds of topics of interest with us over the weeks.

Our shows are LIVE Thursday 10:00 AM EST ( 5:00 AM EDT )

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